Lynx-Thermal 1×50 (6.990 €)

Lynx-Thermal 1×50 (6.990 €)

thermal vision attachment
(clip-on) for daylight optics


Innovation in the thermal vision! Optimised thermal vision attachment (clip-on) devices. These devices are adaptable with almost all common daylight optics like binoculars, spotting scopes, photo- and video cameras and other daylight devices.

Disclaimer: Lynx-Thermal 1×50 thermal vision attachment device do not have prohibition features such as aiming or firearms-specific weapon mounting. The mounting of thermal vision devices onto the aiming devices is prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany.


  • Unparalleled performance uncooled FPA
  • Shutterless & soundless technology
  • Quality, low F number germanium objective lens
  • With Alpha Photonics® clamp adapters suitable for all types of lenses from 30mm up to 80mm lens diameter
  • Low power consumption
  • Polarity switching and color palette
  • Manual sensitivity control
  • Manual display brightness control
  • High resolution 1024×768 OLED display
  • 24 hours operation
  • Water protected IPX5
  • Lightweight
  • Shock resistant

Included in the delivery:

  • Lens cap
  • Transporting softcase
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 2 batteries (CR123)

Compatible with other equipment:

  • Alpha Photonics® clamp adapters
  • Alpha Photonics® magnification boosters

General technical data:

Pixel size, µm: 17
FPA format: 384×288
Refresh rate: 50Hz
Effective lens diameter: 50mm (F1,0)
Focal length: 50mm
Magnification: 1x
Viewing angle: 7,5° x 5,6°
Energy source: two CR123 (3V) batteries
Continuous operation time: up to 2,5 hours
Operation temperature: from − 20°C up to + 50°C
Dimensions, mm: 200x81x81
Weight: 675g
Magnification on the daylight optics
Maximum magnification: 1x − 20x
Optimal magnification: 3x − 12x

This device we are offering in the following models:

Lynx-Thermal 1×50 · Commercial Grade type F1.0, FPA 384×288 17μm, 50Hz

All regular articles have a 14 days right of return and 5 years guarantee, with a service address in the Germany! Except Commercial Grade models, these devices are covered by the general 2 years guarantee.