Clamp adapter type-E (179 €)

Clamp adapter type-E (179 €)

clamp adapter type-E for
night vision (clip-on) devices
Lynx 1×53 und Lynx-Thermal



The clamp adapters type-E with inner thread M49x0,75mm allow the use of Lynx 1×53 and Lynx-Thermal multi-purpose night vision devices to binoculars, spotting scopes, photo cameras, etc. with different diameters of the lens housing. The millimeter specification (mm) in the article refers to the diameter of the lens housing, the diameter of the lens housing may vary from the specified adapter diameter maximum to 0,5mm. The attachment depth of the adapter is 35mm.

Disclaimer: The mounting of night vision devices onto the aiming devices is prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany.


  • Designed and built by Alpha Photonics® – Germany
  • Very robust design from extruded, high strength aluminum
  • All moving parts are made of high quality and hardened steel
  • Protected clamping system, setting without tools
  • Special inner surface (gently and slip resistant)
  • Very high reliability
  • Very compact and lightweight (75g-119g)

Available models:

  • Clamp adapters type-E «CA_NVM.EX_30,0mm» in 0,5mm steps up to «CA_NVM.EX_80,0mm»

Compatible with other equipment:

  • Multi-purpose night vision devices Lynx 1×53, Lynx-Thermal 1×40 and Lynx-Thermal 1×50
  • Adapters for magnification booster «B.1_CA.XX,Xmm» in relating to clamp adapters «CA_NVM.XX_XX,Xmm»


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