Adapters for magnification booster «B.1_CA.XX,Xmm»

Adapters for magnification booster «B.1_CA.XX,Xmm»

adapter for
magnification booster


The adapters for magnification booster ««NVM-B.X» allow the use of magnification booster «NVM-B.X» directly to the clamp adapters «CA_NVM.XX_XX,Xmm» (from model «CA_NVM.XX_48,0mm» up to model «CA_NVM.XX_80,0mm»). This combination provides a very fast and convenient way to use the night vision attachment (clip-on) devices at the daylight lenses of binocular, spotting scope, photo camera and other daylight devices in exchange with the magnification booster «NVM-B.X». The exchange only takes a few seconds and can be carried out in complete darkness, because the clamp adapter during the exchange remains at the night vision device and the user changes only between the daylight lens and the magnification booster, by insert and clamp the lens or the magnification booster.

Available models:

  • Adapter for magnification booster «B.1_CA.48,0mm» in 0,5mm steps up to «B.1_CA.80,0mm»

Compatible with other equipment:

  • ALPHA PHOTONICS® clamp adapters
  • ALPHA PHOTONICS® magnification boosters


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